27 Jun
Porcelain Tiles


Porcelain is a fantastic, tough, and very durable product that makes an ideal floor surface. It is easy to live with, easy to clean and maintain, and will look brilliant for many, many years. Plus, of course, porcelain also has many other benefits like all ceramic tiles.

  • It is a natural heat bank
  • Child friendly
  • Asthma friendly
  • Does not give off CFCs
  • Fireproof
  • Will last for years

When a floor is tiled with polished porcelain, especially in lighter tones, it adds a new dimension to any area of our home or commercial building. Polished tiles reflect light and make an area brighter, more inviting, and create an illusion of space. I have had porcelain tiles in houses I have lived in over 20 years and I have not had one problem with them. I would recommend them to anyone!


Polished porcelain tiles are not mirrors and will display variations (hazing or cloudiness) in the level of shine when viewed under normal lighting conditions. This characteristic of shininess is an inherent feature in polished porcelain tiles, regardless of the colour of the tile, or where it was made. Many people refer to this appearance as optical hazing.

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